The kids of the 80s and their games: Nu pogodi / Ну погодиNu pogodi

Today we go back in time and we will speak about the kids of the 1980s in Bulgaria and their games. If you were born in this time period, you ‘have definitely collected eggs’. One of the most famous electronic games in Bulgaria at this time was the Russian Nu pogodi / Ну погоди game. This was our first electronic game, which we remember with nostalgy from our childhood.

Nu pogodi

Let me explain shortly what it was all about. Similar to the animation series, in Nu pogodi there is a wolf, a rabbit but also eggs. In the game you are moving the wolf with the four red round buttons. The wolf is with a basket and is trying to collect as many eggs as possible. Rule number one is you need to be fast and you need to pay attention to detail. You need to take decision which egg to collect first. And if you miss an egg, it falls down, breaks and a chicken comes out of it and runs away. Four broken eggs and the game is over. We, the kids of the 80s, used to spend hours with Nu pogodi, trying to improve our own records.

We found our old Nu pogodi game and we got it started again. All we needed is a new set of batteries.

Nu pogodi

But can you guess how it gets switched off? At first I started pressing the different buttons looking for a turn off button. The solution with Nu pogodi is easy, you take out one of the batteries and the game is off.

If you feel like playing the PokemonGo of Communism time in Bulgaria, join some of our Tours! Let’s play together and set a new record.