Sofia Communism Tour


Our Sofia Communism tour will bring you back in time. Experience Sofia as it was in the past. Get to know what the lifestyle and the communist regime were like.

Sofia communism tour

Sofia Communism tour: experience old Sofia with our guides

Our Sofia Communism tour will start with the governmental buildings in the center. We will see the Communist party’s former office, the Presidency and the old Central Department Store for the communist elite. Here you will learn about the life of communist leaders.

In addition to the governmental area, we will visit the site of a bombing by the communist party. Next, we will proceed to the National Palace of Culture. Here you can see the largest congress hall on the Balkans, which today still holds the annual congress of the Socialist Party.

Our Sofia Communism tour will continue with a visit to the Museum of Socialist art. Here you will learn about the life of the artists during the communist regime. Our next stop will be the Bell Park monument at the foot of Vitosha mountain. The monument was built in 1979 for all the children in the world with the support of the daughter of the leader Todor Zhivkov – Ludmila.

Next, we will visit the purpose-built “Druzhba” neighborhood. You will see residential blocks and learn about the ideology and logic of communist living.

Then, we will pass by the antique market outside Alexander Nevski cathedral. You will have a chance to pick up old communist relics.

During our Sofia Communism tour we will surprise you with a lot of stories, places and unexpected experience. Are you ready to travel back to the past?

We can make the Sofia Communism tour and your time in Bulgaria more memorable. We offer you the chance to experience a ride with a vintage Chaika car.

Sofia Communism tour

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For example, one of the most famous communist buildings in Bulgaria is abandoned on top of the mountains. The Buzludzha monument ranks among the most famous abandoned buildings in the world. You can see Buzludzha with us on a one-day trip from Sofia. We can also combine it with Plovdiv. This is the second biggest city in Bulgaria, famous with its old town.

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