Buzludzha & Staro Zhelezare

What do Queen Elizabeth II, Trump, Stalin, Angela Merkel and Freddie Mercury have in common? Welcome to Staro Zhelezare village in Bulgaria. Warning: this article is directed to people with sense of humor. All the stories below are fictional. Staro Zhelezare

Staro Zhelezare village: museum of modern art

We are in the middle of Bulgaria in Staro Zhelezare, a village with innovative ideas. A Bulgarian painter brings each year his students from the University of Fine Arts in Poznan to draw on the walls. In this small village in Bulgaria you can see Trump’s secret friend: the Bulgarian cow Penka.Staro ZhelezareEvery serious politician with endless obligations needs an audience. :) Here is the place where you can see Trump in a horse-cart without security. Just like USA Bulgaria is a country of huge opportunities. :)

We continue our walk. There she is her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.Staro Zhelezare

But the British queen is gracious, she talks to the locals sharing some good stories about the famous British weather. Local grandmas are happy to share about the harvest this year. But local grandmas are not only working in the garden, they like to paint as well. “Let me try, son, this corner is not done well. Give me the spray. Grandma knows best!”
Staro Zhelezare
The former collective farm is also full of art. In the past these places were used to raise cattle and do agriculture. Today we paint. Can you recognize the personalities on the walls?Staro Zhelezare
Staro Zhelezare village is an open-air museum of modern art and you do not know what to expect on the next street. Old houses, public figures, politicians are looking at you from the walls, standing next to the locals, all enjoying life.
If you are interested in visiting this village, write to us at info@nvisiontravel.com. We could customize a tour to Staro Zhelezare with Buzludzha and a short visit to a spa resort. We promise we will take memorable photos of you. 😉