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Bucharest Fountains Symphony

Have you heard that the second largest administrative building in the world after US Pentagon is located in Bucharest, Romania? And it could be seen from the moon. This is the Palace of Parliament...


Emblematic buildings in Sofia

Have you ever entered a building filled with history? A building with a spirit that brings you back in time. At the same time related to the ‘liquid gold’ of Bulgaria: the Bulgarian rose...


Surva festival of masquerade games

Surva, the International festival of the masquerade games, is held for first time in 1966 in Bulgaria. Today the festival is unique for the Balkans and is organized each year at the last weekend...


The kids of the 80s: Nu pogodi

The kids of the 80s and their games: Nu pogodi / Ну погоди Today we go back in time and we will speak about the kids of the 1980s in Bulgaria and their games....


Bulgarian money during communism

The old money in Bulgaria

Bulgarian money during the communism time and now. How a grape picker made it into the Bulgarian money in the second half of the XX c? During a summer brigade Kina Garbova from Suhindol,...