Book our Sofia walking tour and taste 5 Bulgarian wines at 3 different local wine places. Our Sofia wine tour will help you experience Sofia wine culture as only a local can.

Sofia tour

Let us show you the history of wine production in Bulgaria during our Sofia walking tour. During communism time we had one big wine producer in Bulgaria. And today there are a lot of private small wineries, which offer Bulgarian wine of good quality. You will taste traditional Bulgarian wine varieties from different regions.

Sofia walking tour: taste Bulgarian wine

The wine tradition in Bulgaria dates back to the Thracian times. The Thracians belived that by drinking wine they get spiritual and get closer to God. Today the wine culture in Bulgaria connects more and more wine lovers. And in 2017 Bulgaria found a place in the top 10 wine destinations, which you can visit. Our Sofia wine tour is a combination of wine and dine. You will have a chance to taste local specialties and to finish the tour with a light dinner. If you have more time, we can visit together one or two wineries on a one day winery tour from Sofia. Cheers! Наздраве!

How long: 3-4 hours

Dates for Sofia walking tour: every day on request; The tour begins after 16:00.

Group size: for individuals or small groups up to 10 people

We control the quality and if the group is bigger, we cannot provide the personal service and information to everyone. Let’s keep it small and travel slow!

Price of Sofia walking tour: on request, the price depends on the group size. Sign up at

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