Map of Bulgaria

Are you looking for a map of Bulgaria? We would like to bring you back to school. Have a look at our relief map of Bulgaria. Why not take one as a souvenir from Bulgaria? :)

Whenever we are traveling, we always bring home something local from the place we visited. This map will be most interesting to the geography lovers. Let’s go back to school. :)

map of Bulgaria

Geography class in the communism time: drawing a map of Bulgaria

During the communism time we had these plastic relief maps at school. In geography class we used to study the location of the cities and towns in the country. And then some of the exams included us drawing a map of Bulgaria and placing the city or town given at the correct location. Visual memory helped in these exams. Memories from the good old school times… :)

So if you are looking for a map of Bulgaria as a souvenir, let us know and we can provide you with such. The map is in Bulgarian language, in Cyrillic but this makes it more authentic. Maybe you will learn how to spell some of our cities in Bulgarian. :)

Enjoy your stay in Bulgaria and your trip with us!

Betty & Beni