THE SWEETEST THING – a short documentary marking 30 years of freedom

’89 – So close, yet so forgotten. Europe was still split in two — the Berlin wall separated families, friends, relatives. The wall, built by people to divide people, was more than a physical barrier. East of it there was a regime restricting freedom of speech, access to education and information and career opportunities. It made simple things, such as the movie you are now going to watch, unthinkable. Those times are gone, but must not be forgotten. To commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall, we invite you to the online premiere of “The Sweetest Thing”, a short documentary marking 30 years of freedom.

Written, filmed and directed by Boris Missirkov and Georgi Bogdanov, edited by Gergana Zlatanova, sound design by Momchil Bozhkov, BFSA AGITPROP team production manager Neda Milanova, assistant director Petya Ivanova, assistant cameraman Mihail Ilievski, sound by Mihail Ilievski, additional photography by Mihail Novakov, production assistant Kevork Vanlyan, producer’s assistant Nelly Rousseva, produced by Martichka Bozhilova, idea by Tribal Worldwide Sofia Dobromir Dzhurov, Elina Krasteva, Erkan Gyumryukchiev, Ivan Hadzhivelikov, Ivelina Gicheva-Nikolova, Yordan Zhechev, Samuil Terziev, Tsveta Dobreva .