Buzludzha & Shumen monument

Join our trip to Buzludzha and the Shumen monument 1300 years of Bulgaria. In two days we will see the amazing monuments that were built during communism in Bulgaria. Buzludzha monument is listed among the most famous abandoned buildings in the world. And Shumen monument 1300 years of Bulgaria takes your breath with the mosaics-triptych, the largest one in the open air on the Balkans.

Shumen monument

Buzludzha and Shumen monument 1300 years of Bulgaria

Communism architecture had a boom in Bulgaria during the communism time. This is the period from 1944 until 1989. In 1981 we celebrated 1300 years since the founding of Bulgaria. For this reason the party built several magnificent monuments. These are Buzludzha monument, National Palace of Culture, The Founders of the Bulgarian State, 1300 years of Bulgaria. If you are interested in communism architecture and this political regime, contact us.

Shumen monument

Unfortunately, some of these monuments are abandoned and forgotten at the moment. Others are well kept. The size of the communism architecture is how the party showed its power in the past. The monuments were built big and always grey from concrete. On this two day trip we will see two of the most popular monuments in Bulgaria: Buzludzha monument and the Shumen monument 1300 years of Bulgaria.

Day 1: Buzludzha monument

Buzludzha monument

Time of departure will be at 8 am. We will personally pick you up from the hotel/hostel where you are staying.

  • We leave from Sofia in direction to Buzludzha monument.
  • We’ll see Buzludzha, the former office of the Bulgarian communism party.
  • After the Buzludzha monument an optional lunch can be taken in Kazanlak.
  • Then we drive to Shumen.
  • Overnight will be in Shumen.

Day 2: Shumen monument 1300 years of Bulgaria

Shumen monument

  • Breakfast
  • Then we’ll leave for the Shumen monument: the Founders of The Bulgarian State.
  • Afterwards we’ll leave to Sofia.
  • On the way stop for optional lunch.
  • Arrival in Sofia and drop off.

Price: on request. Write to us and let us know when you want to have a tour to Buzludzha and the Shumen monument.

The price includes:

  • Transport from Sofia – Buzludzha – Kazanlak – Shumen monument – Sofia.
  • English speaking tour guide.
  • Tasting of boza (local drink) and banitsa (local breakfast).
  • Sightseeing of Buzludzha from outside
  • Sightseeing of the Shumen monument 1300 years of Bulgaria from inside
  • Overnight and breakfast will be in Shumen 3* hotel (communism architecture style).
  • We will send you photos from the tour.
  • We’ll provide mineral water.

The price excludes:

  • Lunch and dinner.

Departure dates for Buzludzha and Shumen monument: on 7 and 8 June and every day on request. Sign up at info@nvisiontravel.com.

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