Bulgaria trip: 4 days

Join our Bulgaria trip. In four days we will see the forgotten towns and abandoned monuments. We will travel back in time to experience lifestyle during the communism time.

Bulgaria trip

Bulgaria trip: explore the forgotten towns and abandoned monuments

Day 1: Sofia – “Grows but does not age”

Our Bulgaria trip will begin in Sofia. You will be welcomed at Sofia airport by a Bulgarian tour guide and driver.

Then you will be transferred to a typical communist hotel in a retro Soviet car (year 1984). Only Bulgarian “Estrada” music and Russian songs are allowed to be played. This is so you already start getting the feeling of the past.

We will visit a common Eastern bloc neighborhood of concrete tower buildings. In the time of communism, society used to be defined as “classless”. So, people shared the same standards of living. Today, many Bulgarians live in the old communist buildings.

Dinner will be in a Soviet restaurant. Overnight will be in an ex-military hotel.

Day 2: Sofia – Pravets – Sofia

The second day of the Bulgaria trip begins in Sofia. Today we will see the communist monuments and places in Sofia:

  • Antique market at Alexander Nevski cathedral.
  • Parliament.
  • National Assembly.
  • Sculpture in Borisova Garden.
  • Monument of the Soviet Army.
  • Theatre of the Bulgarian Army.
  • National Palace of Culture.
  • Park “The Bells”.
  • Bulgarian Socialist Party office.
  • Military Museum etc.

We will have lunch at a canteen. We will then departure to Pravets. This is Todor Zhivkov’s birth place (leader of the communist party in Bulgaria during the period 1954 – 1989).

Day 3: Sofia – Pernik – Kovachevtsi village – Radomir – Studena dam – Sofia

Our Bulgaria trip will bring us today to the city of Pernik. Pernik is the largest centre of the coal mining and heavy industry in Bulgaria. The year 1899 marks the beginning of electricity use in Bulgaria. The first Bulgarian power plant was built in Pernik.

Kovachevtsi village is the birth place of Georgi Dimitrov. He was the leader of the Bulgarian Communist Party and secretary general of the Comintern. We will visit the local cultural centre, which is preserved as it used to operate during the communist era.

Radomir – here grey is the prevailing color in the town. It is surrounded by concrete residential blocks. You will feel as if you are back in the communism time. The local shopping options are quite limited just like it was during the communist time. The town developed in the past due to the heavy industry plant. This plant was the Chervena mogila factory. The political changes after 1989 caused the heavy industry to suffer major losses. It also caused high unemployment rates. Hence, a large portion of the local population left the town.

Studena dam – built in 1955 at the onset of Struma River. Serves as a source of tap water for Pernik and the region.

Dinner is in a communist restaurant. Overnight will be in a 3-star hotel in Sofia.

Day 4: departure

We will spend the last day of our Bulgaria trip in Sofia. After breakfast there will be free time for shopping.

You will be transferred to the Airport. This is the end of our Bulgaria trip. We hope to see you again!

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